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I want to take you out but you’re so beautiful that I’m scared…

Posted on: April 4, 2011

Here I go again. I thought I was NEVER going to have to do this again but boy was I wrong!! It’s been a little over 3 months since I broke up with my ex and I am venturing back out into the dating world. I went back to where I am dating. I thought that now since I’m older and looking for men who are older and preferably more established, I would have fewer games and more dates. WELL the title of this post is exactly what one of these online “men” said to me just last week. I refuse to ask a guy out the first time but I will sure as hell hint to it!!

My response to him? I was polite and said thanks for the compliment and I can’t promise anything but let me know when you want to get together. “He’s Just Not That Into You” book became my best friend 4 years ago and now quotes from the book that EVERY woman needs to read keep reciting in my head.

Anyway, I’m quickly forgetting about him and moving on to the next. The amount of patience needed for this sh*t is unbelievable but I’ll keeping truckin’….


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2 Responses to "I want to take you out but you’re so beautiful that I’m scared…"

I dont think that online dating is the way to go. Too many people are online to get something easy, they dont want to work at it. And they also pretend they are something they are not. Sometimes the cat and mouse game in person is fun. You get to see people interacting with others. I have done the online dating thing twice. I had similiar experiences both times I attempted. Face to face is better. Usually you can detect whether a person is lying or not if you can look them in the eye.

i think online dating is one way to go I met my wonderful boyfriend and I am very greatful everyday to have him in my life…it doesn’t hurt to try anything once. You end up meeting the person anyway and you can tell right away if there is going to be another date or not.

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  • JillyT0125: Good for you!!!! I am not quite sure I know who this old friend is, but there is a reason why you don't talk to him anymore. Old habits are hard to
  • Mairz: Honey, you have to learn to be by yourself and to enjoy being by yourself so that you do not become demanding, needy or bitchy. So stop looking. Find
  • Josh: Hey hun? really? Guy seems like a tool. Move on


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