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Chivalry is definitely NOT dead..But when is it too much??

Posted on: April 27, 2011

Okay so I asked Mr. Email if he wanted to get together this past Saturday and he said YES!! So of course I was nervous all day Saturday but a good kind of nervous. We met about 8 pm and he was EXACTLY who he said he was  (looks wise too!) We had a fabulous time. He walked me to my car and I gave him a hug goodbye. He didn’t lean in for a kiss which I was a little disappointed about. I guess I’m just used to guys being pretty aggressive with me from the beginning. Anyway, he told me how much of a good time he had and that he was looking forward to more.

Soo here’s my question…

At what point should I start to worry about him being TOO much of a gentlemen? I can absolutely appreciate it but I would like to know he’s going to be a LITTLE assertive in the future. 

Any feedback would be appreciated!! BTW, you can absolutely leave comments by just putting in your name and email. They won’t harass you I promise 🙂 



4 Responses to "Chivalry is definitely NOT dead..But when is it too much??"

I think that was a perfect first date. You don’t want them too forward on the first date. If he’d stuck his tongue down your throat, you’d probably never see him again. I think each date he will be more and more aggressive as long as you’re giving him the ok and he sees that.

Good Luck 🙂

There is NO SUCH THING as “too much of a gentleman”

A gentleman wants a relationship. Trust me. 🙂

I think that this was a very good first date. I wouldnt worry about anything right now. You dont want “agressive” because even tho you are used to that behavior, it sends the wrong message. IMMATURE. A relationship has to grow to blossom into something beautiful. A lot of times we get too impatient and want it all way too fast. Take your time!

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  • JillyT0125: Good for you!!!! I am not quite sure I know who this old friend is, but there is a reason why you don't talk to him anymore. Old habits are hard to
  • Mairz: Honey, you have to learn to be by yourself and to enjoy being by yourself so that you do not become demanding, needy or bitchy. So stop looking. Find
  • Josh: Hey hun? really? Guy seems like a tool. Move on


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