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Too much too soon??

Posted on: May 2, 2011

Times are a LOT different now than they were 30 years ago when it comes to being intimate. I really don’t know how people controlled themselves! Well most people anyway haha Once you start kissing, the tingles begin and hands start wandering….Especially if you’re super attracted to the person. 

ANYWAY, do you think having sex TOO soon ruins chances for a relationship? How about not sex but any kind of intimacy too quickly?? Is it possible to have a sexual relationship and have it stay like that? Or do men automatically label you as just a hook up? 



4 Responses to "Too much too soon??"

Yes, having sex too soon is not a good thing if you have feelings. Make him wait at least 5 dates for it!
It’s like the old saying….”why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free”

Exactly. Janine is right. I’ve been in situations in which I gave it up too soon. As soon as I gave it, they either left, became distance, or only saw me as a hookup.

I too think too soon is not a good idea especially if it’s someone you just met. Get to know each other a little better first. Go on a few dates and see how it goes and if the attraction is there and you think it’s going to move forward, then go for it. If you move to quickly, it may wind up being just a one night stand.

Good luck in your search – I’m sure he’s out there 🙂

Actually, I dont things are too different than 30 yrs ago in that the hands wandered and the tingling was there. Some girls said ok…. others said no. (FYI, I was one of the girls that said no) The only difference today is that most girls dont care – its not a big deal. Well, there is definately NO Change in how the guys look at you! And too much too soon is not a good thing. So wait. Three dates, four dates and then see if you want to go further. Think with your big head. 🙂

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