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I know it’s different for every woman but when does one start to accept being single?? It’s been 6 months and I still don’t feel 100% acceptance of the single life. I am still craving that male attention and affection. My current victim (haha) is slowing losing points with me. The other day I said I needed more consistency (AGAIN) and gave me about 10 different excuses as to why he hasn’t done what he says he feels. “But I am interested” doesn’t cut it mister!! I may not have the best self-esteem BUT I refuse to be played for a fool. 

I tell him I don’t want to invest more time in whatever this is we have going on yet I’ve contacted him twice since allegedly putting my foot down. Talk about hypocritical!! What the F is wrong with me?? AHHHH I do really like him. I have from day 1.  I know you can’t change anyone who doesn’t want to change, but god dammit I feel I need to keep trying!!!!!!!

Every woman wants a man to profess his love and claim that he CAN NOT live with you in his life even if you’ve only known him 2 months. At least that’s what I would like. Why are men such fools and so quick to pass up a FABULOUS thing??      


‘Hey hun” xo… The text I get from a guy I went out with a few times at 1030 last night after not hearing from him all day.  My response….HEY HUN?!? Really? Where the HELL have you been ALL day? I was putting you in the a**hole category for the past 6 hours!! WELL, that’s what I was THINKING but of course I didn’t actually say that because he’d be running for the hills. I actually decided just to ignore it and let him do the chasing for awhile to see where he stands.

Listen, I’m not looking to jump into another relationship just yet BUT I do need some reassurance due to my lack of self-esteem and confidence. Is it too much to ask for more than a generic how was your day and then when I respond, I don’t get a response back?? Of course it doesn’t help that we slept together and now I’m convinced he got what he wanted and now he’s gonna move on!!

Is he playing the “nice’ guy role because he doesn’t wanna seem like a douche? I don’t need his or any man’s sympathy or NEED to feel they have to contact me everyday if they really aren’t interested.

Should I give this guy some more time or cut off ties?? I’m always looking for other men to wine and dine me but he’s been the most consistent lately so he’s basically consuming my mind on a daily basis which is so FRUSTRATING!!! Why are women programmed to become almost OBSESSED with a man’s every move and what he must be thinking or doing when he’s not getting in touch with you??

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH

Times are a LOT different now than they were 30 years ago when it comes to being intimate. I really don’t know how people controlled themselves! Well most people anyway haha Once you start kissing, the tingles begin and hands start wandering….Especially if you’re super attracted to the person. 

ANYWAY, do you think having sex TOO soon ruins chances for a relationship? How about not sex but any kind of intimacy too quickly?? Is it possible to have a sexual relationship and have it stay like that? Or do men automatically label you as just a hook up? 


Okay so I asked Mr. Email if he wanted to get together this past Saturday and he said YES!! So of course I was nervous all day Saturday but a good kind of nervous. We met about 8 pm and he was EXACTLY who he said he was  (looks wise too!) We had a fabulous time. He walked me to my car and I gave him a hug goodbye. He didn’t lean in for a kiss which I was a little disappointed about. I guess I’m just used to guys being pretty aggressive with me from the beginning. Anyway, he told me how much of a good time he had and that he was looking forward to more.

Soo here’s my question…

At what point should I start to worry about him being TOO much of a gentlemen? I can absolutely appreciate it but I would like to know he’s going to be a LITTLE assertive in the future. 

Any feedback would be appreciated!! BTW, you can absolutely leave comments by just putting in your name and email. They won’t harass you I promise 🙂 


Okay I need help with this one….

Originally, this handsome man contacted me on the site I’m on a little over a month ago. I responded because I enjoyed what he had to say in his profile and of course, he’s a cutie! After  that, he went MIA for about a week. Then he came back and said hello and explained to me what he does for work therefore why he’s been so busy.

At first, I wasn’t going to respond because I would like to be in contact with someone who’s more available. Two days later, he wrote me just to say hello and I figured what the hell, he seems sweet so I’ll start a convo and see what happens.

WELL, it’s been almost a month and we’ve been writing back and forth almost everyday. And these aren’t paragraph long responses, I’m talking like a page’s worth of information about both of us just like we were sitting face to face.

I mentioned a little over a week ago that I would like for him to be the first guy I’ve met on the site. He said he’d love to take me out and that he’d be free soon.

Since then, we’ve been having our regular daily conversations and I haven’t mentioned about getting together yet and neither has he. So here’s my question….

How long should I wait until I mention something again about getting together? Or should I just keep it like it is and wait for him to make the move?? I don’t wanna get my hopes up and then we don’t even get together. PLEASE HELP!! Here’s my poll or feel free to comment! 🙂


So, a few weeks ago a guy from the Bronx caught my eye on That same day, we started chatting online. Since then, we talked all day almost everyday. We had  great conversations. He understood my humor and could easily make me laugh. I thought great, can’t wait to meet him! Sometimes our convos would get sexual but totally adult and nothing near sexting 🙂

Our initial plans fell through so I suggested that we just meet up for some drinks or coffee to get the first meeting out of the way. He was hesistant right away saying that he isn’t looking for a relationship and that he thinks I now want to be “wined and dined”. He was very upfront with me from day one saying he didn’t want anything serious which I was totally cool with because I just wanna date for now. BUT the fact that he wouldn’t even meet up for something light and knowing he wasn’t going to get any really pissed me off.

Anyway, I haven’t talked to him in a week and I’m moving on. Do you think it was right for him to say no to just hanging out or was it a jerky thing for him to do even though he told me from the beginning that’s probably all it was going to be? I created a poll for your answer! 

Until next time…



Here I go again. I thought I was NEVER going to have to do this again but boy was I wrong!! It’s been a little over 3 months since I broke up with my ex and I am venturing back out into the dating world. I went back to where I am dating. I thought that now since I’m older and looking for men who are older and preferably more established, I would have fewer games and more dates. WELL the title of this post is exactly what one of these online “men” said to me just last week. I refuse to ask a guy out the first time but I will sure as hell hint to it!!

My response to him? I was polite and said thanks for the compliment and I can’t promise anything but let me know when you want to get together. “He’s Just Not That Into You” book became my best friend 4 years ago and now quotes from the book that EVERY woman needs to read keep reciting in my head.

Anyway, I’m quickly forgetting about him and moving on to the next. The amount of patience needed for this sh*t is unbelievable but I’ll keeping truckin’….


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  • JillyT0125: Good for you!!!! I am not quite sure I know who this old friend is, but there is a reason why you don't talk to him anymore. Old habits are hard to
  • Mairz: Honey, you have to learn to be by yourself and to enjoy being by yourself so that you do not become demanding, needy or bitchy. So stop looking. Find
  • Josh: Hey hun? really? Guy seems like a tool. Move on


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