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What do you do when you have GREAT chemistry and connection with a man but the kissing technique is less than exciting??

I can’t just come right out and say it to him. That would be horribly embarrassing! I haven’t had to deal with this situation in YEARS so I’m not sure what the best approach is.

It doesn’t help that he said I was an awesome kisser. (Come on dude I knew that already!) haha Hey gotta brag a little bit

; )

And does that mean that I conclude this?!?

Open to ALL suggestions and comments please!!

Until next time,



Hey all!!!! 

I know it’s been a few months since I’ve posted.

I really thought that when I joined several online dating sites after being off for over 3 years that the men would have their sh*t more together and not be so immature. WELL maybe I’m just attracted the wrong type…or putting up with more bs than I should. You can tell me what you think!

I do know what there is absolutely NO REASON why any “man” should call you any type of name via text. ESPECIALLY since that was the ONLY form of communication we had for the lonnnggg week we spoke. Listen men, I don’t  have the time OR the patience to wait around for you decide if you want to meet or even CALL me! I refuse to invest weeks into a man I haven’t even met via text messages or even phone calls. I don’t do the long distance thang so all these guys are reasonable close where we can absolutely get together for some drinks.

You can have AMAZING text or phone “chemistry” but NOTHING beats the real thing! You have to see if there’s a connection both physically and mentally.

I’ve noticed these nasty comments all came from men who were the jokester, sarcastic, silly type. Listen I can absolutely appreciate and enjoy a great sense of humor and quick wit, but you gotta draw the line somewhere!! If we don’t limit those type of snide remarks and comments, the result will backfire with a nasty arrogant attitude. Hence, what happened with Mr. Texter.  After I told him I was all set and good luck in the future, he replied with calling me ignorant and that he doesn’t need my luck. YEAH YOU NEED A F’N THERAPIST!!!

Feel free to comment and enjoy your New Years Eve! I sure as hell will!!!


Ummm yea so who the hell gave the right to this guy to think he can ask me a million questions about my whereabouts when we went out TWICE?! Apparently this douche does! Hey dude, how about you get your sh”t together and not blow up all my free texts only when you’re drinking telling me you NEED to see me at that very moment?! Just an idea….

I TRIED giving him the benefit of the doubt telling him he could come over the next day but when I asked him to let me know if he’s definitely coming, he tells me he’s going to Virginia! Ok yea I’m ALL SET with that!

Why don’t these guys  delete your number when you  haven’t talked to them in days even weeks?! I know I sure as hell do!! I have a new motto…You need to EARN your way to be saved in my damn phone! So how about you do the same with me and not just hit me up when it’s convenient for you?! THANKS FOR PLAYING!! 🙂

Oh yea remember the guy I told you about in the last blog that said he missed me after telling me he was seeing someone?? Yea he totally texted me with “How are you stranger?” NOOOO NOOO NOOO Leave me the F alone!!!

I really CAN’T make this sh*t up people!

Until next time….


Hey ladies!! I know I haven’t been here for awhile but I’m back in full effect!! The month of August was CRAZY!!! I became a freelance writer for a local newspaper so that has been taking up some of my free time. ..

Anyway, back to the good stuff….my dating life 🙂 

Soooo ever have such a good lay that you just HAVE to go back for more?!! Well I did and am still currently doing that. Gotta love having sex 3 times in a 12 hour span ; ) He’s like my personal sex toy…Can’t hate on that! haha

I met this guy at a shore bar and he asked for my number. We talked for awhile, he was super busy so we only ended up going out twice which is okay cause he turned out to have MAD issues! I have enough of my own issues so I sure as hell DON’T need any of yours!! The title of this blog was said by him after he called me insecure and that he can read me because he has a minor in psychology…hmmm OKAY! Kicked that idiot to the curb…

Then there was a chubby Jewish boy that I was talking too for 3 weeks before we set up a day to get together. Now we texted CONSTANTLY so when I hadn’t heard from him the WHOLE day we were supposed to meet, I assumed he was bailing. When I finally DID get a response, this is what I got “I’ve been f’n busy all day! Don’t you remember that I was in Vegas all last week?!” Ohhh ok a-hole..It would have taken 10 seconds to just text me saying he was busy or ttyl or ANYTHING! Then he continued to say that he wasn’t the one being unreasonable so my response? “I’m all set..take care”. And then he disappeared which is fine by me!!




I have some exciting things ahead so there will be more to come soon!! 





WOW…..That’s how I can sum up the week I just had. Let’s start with Mr. Brooklynite. I know I’ve mentioned him before but I didn’t give him a nickname. Well here it goes…

We’ve been seeing, dating, hanging out whatever the F you want to call it for a couple of months now. I had to get him back on track a few times which should have been a sign for me from the start.  BUT I was becoming emotionally attached to him even though my conscience knew something seemed fishy.  He takes me out for my birthday before hand because he says he won’t be around my actual birthday weekend. VERY SWEET and quite unexpected I thought. So we had a great night and I left the next day unsure when I would see him again. 

A few days later, I’m slacking at work and viewing his page for his gigs. BTW he’s a DJ. I see he has an event planned for the week that he told me he’d be in Florida. I was thinking hmmmm that doesn’t make sense. Soooo being a female, I did my investigating and totally caught him lying to me about being away when he was sleeping in his place every night since with GOD KNOWS who else!!

Mind you, he asked me if I was dating or sleeping with others and I said yes. So why did he feel that he couldn’t tell me the same??? He wanted to have his cake and eat it too but his pea brain thought it would make more sense to LIE to me for 2 weeks then just tell me he was giving his lovin’ to another. 

Well I reeled him in and totally blew up his spot. I told him I was too good for him and to lose my number. I was so proud of myself because if this was 5 years ago, I probably would have forgiven him cause I “liked” him and felt he would realize how fabulous I was!!!  

Yea he’s a fool but karma is a BITCH and will bite him in the ass I’m sure….

BTW, just because I have some meat on my bones DOES NOT mean I want to date a guy that looks like Fat Joe!!! I’m just not attracted to men that waddle when they walk….SORRY!!!!! 


So my birthday is coming up in a few days and I’m slowly getting closer to the big 3-0. I recently met up with an old guy friend who, at the time when we first started hanging out, I was extremely into. I mean I was so desperate for a relationship with this guy that when he would try to have a regular conversation with me, I just wanted to be intimate with him because I thought that if I was, he would be my boyfriend.

He apparently doesn’t forget ANYTHING because he brought up ALL my old ways including how promiscuous I tried to be with him. (NOT LIL OL’ ME!!) As he was speaking about the past, all I could think of was how much I have grown in the last 3 years especially since I was in a pretty good relationship for most of that time. I also remembered that this guy needed to be put in his place and that’s why we stopped talking over 3 years ago.

Of course now it’s the typical I’m a different man, I’m not like I used to be blah blah blah excuses from him. That all may be true but that doesn’t mean that I am as attracted to him as I used to be. I was in a drastic, frenzied place in my life. I felt that I NEEDED to have a boyfriend and I was willing to settle.

But not anymore. I know what I’m looking for and I REFUSE to settle for anything else no matter how many men I have to date, it will happen!!

As for my old friend, I have no problem hanging out with him but I’m usually not one to move backwards….

GO FORTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yea so I’ve definitely been kissing a whole lot of frogs lately.  But I guess that’s what dating is all about right??


I refuse to settle and for some reason I keep giving the same guy chance after chance but after the last “hang out”, I’m really DONE!! At least I hope I am….

Why do (most) women form this connection with a man after she sleeps with them?? It’s supposed to be just sex. But nnoooooo after that happens, you want them to treat you like a princess and realize that they CAN NOT live without you in their lives.  I just need to be more picky with who I sleep with from now on because these crazy thoughts are consuming my days!! 

BTW, I didn’t realize that just because you have the “flu”, you lose the ability to text someone back when you have plans with them and want to confirm what we are going to do and then have the AUDACITY to use that as an excuse and expect me to keep talking to you!!?? HELL TO THE NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Until next time,



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  • JillyT0125: Good for you!!!! I am not quite sure I know who this old friend is, but there is a reason why you don't talk to him anymore. Old habits are hard to
  • Mairz: Honey, you have to learn to be by yourself and to enjoy being by yourself so that you do not become demanding, needy or bitchy. So stop looking. Find
  • Josh: Hey hun? really? Guy seems like a tool. Move on


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